Bộ gậy golf cao cấp
PGM MTG008 769$

With An Phat JSC later An Phat ITSC

My friend as the vice director and me

It was the time just finished DISM course with credit from Aptech training center. I have built the pre-website www.license.vn which was first without database then with one for processing user registering, logingin-out, customizing user posts... All that experiences I did not get from Aptech course but from a software training program free-downloaded from the internet of a company named VTC (virtual training company).

Infact, the only experience i got in these days was acquaintance to the web server, the interaction that was illustrated in the studying time that never mentioning to facts like file permissions with 3-digit numbers, file transfer protocal, database, host. Well, it got me prepared for the time with Ciao Travel.


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