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The need for advertisers to find customers—and vice versa—is an age-old marketing conundrum. With varying degrees of effectiveness, solutions have included phone solicitation, email outreach, print advertising, and more—all designed to connect consumers and advertisers at the right moment. . I first got involved with pay-per-click advertising over a decade ago as a student at Stanford University. Using keyword buys on Goto.com, I started selling movies out of my dorm room, but my ads quickly lost effectiveness when I was outbid by advertisers with deeper pockets. There wasn’t a book like this one to teach me the tricks of the trade and soon, I gave up. Then a few years later in 2002, I started buying keywords for my photography business, but this time on Google’s brand new AdWords system. AdWords was revolutionary because it rewarded relevance as much as the maximum cost per click, making it a great fit for those who took the time to create more targeted ads. Like many other advertisers, I saw great success with my campaigns and I was so excited by this revolutionary new way of advertising that when the opportunity presented itself, I signed on to join the AdWords team to work directly on this ground-breaking new product. During my many years at Google, I have been involved in countless product decisions in the development and decision-making process for tools like the AdWords API, the AdWords Editor, Conversion Tracking, Google Analytics, and many others that have helped shape AdWords into the advertising solution it is today. Nowadays, my role consists of helping AdWords users stay abreast of all our latest changes and working closely with our product development teams to relay feedback from our advertisers and ensure we continue building the best advertising solutions possible.

It’s all about results…That was the slogan of AdWords when I joined Google. My role has changed over the years but there’s always been a focus on making sure AdWords delivers the best results for advertisers and users of Google. Building a system that works well for a wide range of advertisers means adding many layers of sophisticated functionality and while AdWords is easy enough to use for novice advertisers, there are many advanced techniques for those who want more control. This excellent book will help you make the transition from novice to expert AdWords user and will give you a leg up in discovering some of the best ways to use AdWords to its fullest.

It is amazing how quickly search engine marketing has evolved into a key component of any successful marketing effort. This evolution continues today with new ad formats that combine the simplicity and relevance of text ads with new formats that make information more useful. We also continue to see new places where advertisers can connect with their target audience, such as on the Google Content Network, on mobile devices, and on television. The one constant thread amongst these many changes is our focus on delivering measurability and targetability. Regardless of where online advertising goes next, the expertise you gain in AdWords’ advanced features today will help you become a savvier marketer in the future.

From the very start when AdWords became available as a self-service product, we were fortunate to have an active community of users who were ready to share their expertise with others. Brad was one of the very first community members who stood out as a trusted authority on all things related to AdWords, not an easy feat considering the rapid pace at which AdWords evolved. When I first heard about Brad, he was a top contributor in the AdWords forums, helping anyone who asked. To this day, he remains one of the leading experts on AdWords and I regularly see him continuing to share his knowledge and insight with others at industry conferences.

In this book, advertisers looking to get more out of AdWords will learn from one of the leading experts on the topic and someone who has used the system himself to build a very successful business. Once you get the basics of AdWords, there are a lot of sophisticated approaches to drive additional results—and this book will show you how.

Best of luck with your campaigns and please let me know what you think about our program and how it’s working for you when you see me at a conference.

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1 01 Understanding Search Theory
2 02 Keyword Research
3 03 Keyword Tools: Extracting Valuable Data from Google
4 04 Writing Compelling Ads
5 05 Landing Pages That Convert Searchers into Buyers
6 06 Advanced Optimization Techniques
7 07 Demystifying Quality Score Quality score
8 08 Beyond Text:Image,Video, and Mobile Ads
9 09 Understanding the Content Network
10 10 Advanced Content Network Techniques
11 11 Advanced Geographic Targeting
12 12 Save Time and Scale Accounts with the AdWords Editor
13 13 Profitable Bid Strategies
14 14 Successful Account Organization Strategies
15 15 Testing Techniques That Will Increase Profits
16 16 AdWords Reports: How to Extract Actionable Information
17 17 Step by Step: Create and Monitor Your AdWords Account
18 Advanced Google Adwords - Glossary
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