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Hi, welcome to my site!

This site is like a blog but also an e-contact-card of my business. To know personally, contact me via my mobile phone number +8494 245 1328 and my email address  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or send yahoo instant messages to javaem, skype IM to debugemall or meet Hoa Tung on Facebook.
I use English for my own comfort not because am really good at English but sometime it's easier to express things especially emotion, thought which is a little abnormal in English.
Still we are native to Vietnamese so you may find it "half-this, half-that" when I post or my friends do Vietnamese articles, even paragraphs, sentences, words in an English-using article.

I can do it simply with the help of the best English - Vietnamese dictionary. If you find that alright then go on with us.

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Well, I was born in a country side on the east of Hanoi called Hai Duong. I had lived there for about 4 years before residing beside my father in Hanoi and experienced the traveling back and forth Hanoi - Hai Duong for job of my mother for 20 years and my own difficulties.

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